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MHP™ Technology

Patented Microchannel Heat Pipe (MHP) technology provides outstanding cooling of high-intensity devices

QuantaCool systems use compact high-flux heat absorbers (cold plates) relying on phase-change principles (boiling, evaporation) to remove and dissipate large quantities of heat from high-intensity sources. The heat is passively and remotely rejected to ambient cooling media. This evaporation process provides safer, more effective cooling than the conventional pumped-water systems.

The heat itself drives the flow of the coolant through boiling circulation, eliminating the need for a pump. Because it is completely passive, using gravity and not pumps, there are no moving parts that can break and lead to downtime. The working fluids are safe, environmentally benign, and electrically non-conductive.


Super-Efficient Cooling:
MHP™ is a quantum improvement over conventional cooling technologies. MHP melds the outstanding heat transfer of microchannel heat exchangers, with the passive evaporative heat pipe principle.  A comparison of the calculated heat transfer for MHP vs. other cooling methods are shown in the figure below (lower temperatures at high heat fluxes is better):

Safe waterless cooling for electronics
With MHP™ technology there is no danger of leaks shorting out electronic components inside equipment. The coolant is an inert refrigerant that poses no risk to the electronics or people. In the unlikely event that a leak should occur, the refrigerant simply boils away, with no risk of shock or short circuits. The system continues to cool until all refrigerant is gone, allowing time for a controlled shut down.


  • Flow of the cooling fluid uses no energy, and the working fluids are safe, environmentally friendly and electrically non-conductive.
  • The refrigerant is non-corrosive and does not support biological growth, so there are no issues of corrosion, bio-fouling, or decrease in cooling performance over time.
  • Because the refrigerants are under pressure, all components are rated for at least 250 psig (with burst pressures 3 times that) and use aircraft-grade fittings to ensure sealed, leak-tight systems.

Performance Driven

Our efficient, reliable and passive cooling solutions for electronic devices that minimize system operating costs and maximize performance.

Sustainable Cooling Solutions

QuantaCool provides state-of-the-art cooling systems using environmentally safe solutions to more effectively cool electronic devices.

"Patented Microchannel Heat Pipe (MHP) technology provides outstanding cooling of high-intensity devices."


Cooling Technology

MHP cooling technology can maintain device/heat sink interface temperatures below 100 ˚C (212 ˚F) at heat fluxes in excess of 300 watts/cm2.


Ideal for hardcore PC gamers
High-performance two-phase passive cooling
No water, No pumps, Quiet operation


Ideal for data centers
Isothermal operation prevents heat spikes
Long-term durability and stability
Cuts energy cost by 30%
Environmental-friendly coolant

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