Highly efficient. Environmentally friendly. Reliable cooling.

PolarBox™ for PC Enthusiasts and Overclockers

Decrease in CPU temperature

The safe, environmentally friendly coolant eliminates the risk of short circuits, electrical shock and equipment damage that occur when water-cooled systems leak.

Hermetically sealed

Reducing reliance on air conditioning improves energy efficiency and frees up power to add up to 15% more data servers.

Ability to overclock safely

The PolarRak™ cooling system is gravity driven, making it ideal for rack-mounted servers. One condenser can eliminate heat from multiple servers.

Overclock CPUs and GPUs and enjoy greater operational efficiency without the risk of computer damage from leaking water or downtime from a broken pump.

Maximize your PC’s speed and performance for nonstop gaming. You can safely overclock CPUs and GPUs with PolarBox, while managing the increased heat load. PolarBox™ lets gamers maintain operating temperatures well below design limits at higher wattages and improve the PC’s efficiency and reliability.

Maximum CPU Overclocking

As a hardcore gamer or overclocker, you push the limits of your processor’s speed, temperature and power consumption. But this high-level usage makes it hard to keep your system stable. PolarBox™ with MHP™ pump-free evaporative cooling technology enables maximum overclocking. Superior heat transfer allows processors to handle more power than with conventional cooling solutions.

PolarBox™ uses compact microchannel heat pipes, microchannel cold plates and inert, non-conductive working fluids in a sealed, closed-circuit two-phase cooling loop. High-end multi-core processors can be overclocked by more than 35% above their nominal speed rating and stay below maximum recommended core temperatures while running continuously at full load PolarBox™ works with current-generation Intel and AMD multi-core computer processors.

“The MHP tech is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of systems, simple to use, low power and offers very good cooling capacity without putting water near the electronics.”



Enjoy near-silent PC operation with passive, pump-free cooling because you don’t need noisy high-speed fans for CPUs and graphics chips.

No Pumps, No Water

Removing heat from your CPU using a pump-driven water-cooled system invites disaster. Spring a leak and you risk electric shock and your system short circuits and fries. When pumps fail, you instantaneously lose cooling and damage your processor. PolarBox eliminates these dangers because the heat that’s being removed circulates the refrigerant, using evaporation and gravity, not pumps or moving parts that can break down.

Maximum CPU Performance for Overclocking

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