April 15, 2015 – TweakTown.com, a global provider of computing technology news and reviews, has conducted independent tests of a workstation MHPTM cooler an overclocked system. (Click here to read the full review).  TweakTown testers noted the following:

When we pushed the system with AIDA64 Stress Test, we saw temps in the range of 68 C to 69 C, which is actually pretty good when you compare to AIO [all in one] water cooling kits. Some of these kits use double and triple radiators and have a larger number of fans to help keep the system cool. The QuantaCool MHP system achieves this with a single radiator, one fan, no pump and just as importantly, no water, which is impressive.”

Overall, we were impressed with the QuantaCool MHP cooling system; it offers many advantages for enterprise cooling.”

By eliminating the various intermediate heat transfer loops, and directly rejecting the heat to un-chilled air or water, a datacenter should be able to improve its power usage effectiveness (PUE) and simplify its mechanical systems.”

The MHP tech is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of systems, simple to use, low power and offers very good cooling capacity without putting water near the electronics. Units for workstations are factory sealed and require no maintenance. For enthusiast use, it does have some mod ability that might look very good in showcases.”