Highly efficient. Environmentally friendly. Reliable cooling.


Data Centers

Slash cooling costs by transferring heat from servers while reducing or eliminating the need for air conditioning. Heat transfer media are non-hazardous, electrically insulating, and non-flammable, eliminating the risk of short-circuits, electrical shock, and equipment damage that can occur in the event of a leak with water-cooled systems. Cold plates from multiple servers and racks can be manifolded to a common condenser mounted outside the rack room, simplifying the installation and reducing costs.

High-Performance Computing / Over-Clocking

Superior heat transfer allows processors to handle more power, allowing higher over-clocking speeds than with conventional cooling solutions. Smaller / simpler cooling ancillary equipment enables use of smaller form-factors. High-end multi-core processors have been over-clocked with MHP systems by more than 35% above their nominal speed rating, staying below maximum recommended core temperatures while running continuously at full load.

Gaming Computers

Passive cooling eliminates the need for noisy high-speed fans for CPUs and graphics cards, allowing near-silent operation. Achieve the cooling performance of in-case liquid-cooled systems, without the risks associated with water, and more reliably than with pumped units.

High-power Electronics

Maintain operating temperatures well below design limits at higher wattages, using passive cooling. Improve performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Solid-state High-power Lasers

Phase-changing non-conductive coolants eliminate the need and maintenance requirements of deionized-water cooling loops. Dramatically reduce the size and weight of cooling/chiller system auxiliaries while reducing electrical power requirements, for more compact and efficient laser systems.

Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV)

MHP technology allows lower operating temperatures for solar-concentrator photovoltaic cells, increasing electrical conversion efficiency (click here for examples). Higher concentrations can be achieved, significantly improving the economics of solar power by reducing the size of the solar cells. Waste heat can be captured to generate additional power.

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