Aug. 20,2015 — In ongoing tests at its lab in Devon, PA, QuantaCool Corporation (QCC) surpassed 2 years of run time on an “over-clocked” workstation computer using their MHPTM passive 2-phase cooling system. The testing platform uses a 6-core Intel Core i7 processor running under full load (stress-test program) at 4.6 GHz, which is more than 30% above rated speed. Additionally, MHP cooling is being used on a bank of Intel Xeon data servers running for over 9 months. These significant milestones demonstrate the reliability and performance of the QuantaCool technology on very demanding platforms, all without the energy requirements of current cooling technologies.

Data centers consume over 2% of the global electricity output, with more than a third of that used for cooling. QCC believes its approach can change this dynamic, with the potential to save the industry billions of dollars in air conditioning and pumping costs. It could also reduce infrastructure costs when building or retrofitting data centers. For existing sites that are limited by the electric supply, MHP technology can shift power use from cooling systems to increased computing, extending the capacity and life of the facility.