July 24, 2020 –  Dr. Alfonso Ortega, QuantaCool’s Science and Engineering Advisor, and James R. Birle Professor of Energy Technology at Villanova University, is giving a presentation at the Thermal Management for Power Electronics and Storage (TMPES) 2020 Virtual Workshop. Dr. Ortega is also on the program committee that organized meeting.

The presentation is titled “Liquid Cooling as an Enabling Technology for High Performance Electronic Systems”.  It discusses how liquid cooling, and especially 2-phase cooling, can facilitate higher operating power and smaller form factors for power electronics devices.

TMPES is a conference and workshop dedicated to the thermal management of power electronics and solid-state power conversion devices. It features presentations from thought leaders in industry, government, and academia addressing the challenges and trends shaping the growing power electronics industry. Due to the Covid19 pandemic travel and meeting restrictions, TMPES 2020 is being held virtually (on-line) July 28-30, 2020 as three live-streamed sessions. For more information, see https://semitherm.regfox.com/tmpes-2020.