March 14, 2016 — QuantaCool Corporation introduces its PolarBoxTM line of passive 2-phase cooling solutions for computer enthusiasts, gamers, and high-performance workstations. It provides superior cooling compared and better reliability than pumped-water units, without the risks associated with putting water near electronics.

PolarBox uses QuantaCool’s MHPTM technology, featuring compact microchannel cold plates and inert, non-conductive working fluids in a sealed, passive closed-circuit two-phase cooling loop. High-end multi-core processors can be overclocked by more than 35% above their nominal speed rating and stay below maximum recommended core temperatures at full load. PolarBox works with current-generation Intel and AMD multi-core computer processors.

PolarBox is available in two form factors, and is on sale through QuantaCool’s web store: A build-your-own system (full-tower case) with the MHP cooling system pre-installed, and a retrofit system that can be connected to existing computers / cases. (Click here for more information)