DOWNINGTOWN, Pa., April 15, 2016 – QuantaCool, a developer of cooling solutions for high-powered electronics, selected Schubert b2b to design a new website ( to support the company as it goes to market with its PolarBoxTM, PolarRakTM and PolarMaxTM product lines.

QuantaCool came to Schubert b2b because they needed a website that clearly communicates the benefits of the company’s technology and that uses intuitive navigation to help visitors find detailed product information, purchase products online and contact customer support.

QuantaCool’s cooling systems use patented microchannel heat pipe (MHP™ ) technology to transfer large quantities of heat from the source. These cooling systems are ideal for high-powered gaming PCs, data centers and operations that use high-intensity lasers, such as IMAX theaters. QuantaCool’s “no pumps, no water” solutions mean that there is no danger of water leaking and shorting out electrical components. Because the MPH technology relies on gravity instead of pumps, there are no moving parts that can break and lead to downtime. The coolant is an inert refrigerant that poses no risk to the electronics or people.

“We wanted a website that makes it easy for customers to learn about the advantages of our pump-free, water-free cooling products,” said Dave Santoleri, president of QuantaCool. “Schubert b2b delivered with a site that clearly communicates the benefits of our technology.”

Schubert b2b performed industry research to determine QuantaCool’s core customer personas in order to define the expectations of key users, identify the kind of information they search for and map out their buyer journey. Schubert b2b used parallax scrolling to better engage and educate visitors on the value of QuantaCool’s technology. The site uses responsive design to provide a seamless experience for visitors using mobile devices. Starting with low-fidelity HTML prototypes, Schubert b2b worked with QuantaCool to create the site’s structure and navigation strategy. From there, Schubert b2b built out the design, created powerful graphics and developed informative written content. Schubert b2b also designed a new corporate logo that reflects the company’s high-tech cooling capabilities.

About QuantaCool
QuantaCool provides environmentally low-impact cooling solutions for high-intensity electronics applications. QuantaCool’s PolarBox™, PolarRak™ and PolarMax™ systems use patented microchannel heat pipe (MHPTM) technology to transfer large quantities of heat from its source without using pumps to an environmentally safe coolant that does not contain water. These systems improve the operation of electronic equipment, reduce energy consumption, decrease costs and lessen environmental impact. QuantaCool is a member of the Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2), a research consortium that partners with government, industry and academia to develop methods to efficiently operate electronic systems. For more information: